Sunday, April 5, 2015

Quick Update

Time flies. It is already in the year of 2015.

Officially I have been working for a year.

I did learn and experience a lot in this year. No matter good or bad.

I am so glad that I have moved further than what i expected.

Life is good now. I have what I love, in terms of lover, job, family and friends.

But I might need a initiative to  kick start my day nowdays. Life is good yet kind of boring.

Some friends love to talk behind you. They might think that you wouldn't find it out someday.

Fed up to death.

My supervisor seems has a high opinion of me. I hope it will be the same until the day I leave.

OKAY. Done.

Good day my blog!


柴柴 said...

Don't worry about those who talk behind your back, because that's where they belong, just behind your back.

CJ Hon said...

it's been awhile haha keep moving forward! No matter what you have been up to